They've already performed in Austria and the reviews are good. They are due to play in Birmingham, UK in July as part of Supersonic website.

From the Caspule website:

We are delighted to announce that GOBLIN will be performing at Supersonic Festival, their first UK show in over 20 years, they join the likes of Corrupted, Head Of David, Thorr's Hammer...

Throughout their career which spans from the early ‘70's, Goblin have soundtracked around 20 films, with ‘Profondo Rosso', ‘Suspiria' (a film that became the benchmark in 70's gore flicks) and ‘Dawn Of The Dead' that really form the basis of their legendary reputation as they perfectly showcased their vast stylistic repertoire from the prog-flavoured rock they're best known for, through tribal rhythms, electronics, orchestration which seamlessly fitted and added to the impact of the on-screen action.

"The legacy of Goblin is vast and full of surprises, and they've had a great influence on how rock music can be used in film scores. And, as such, Goblin can claim to be not only one of the most important of Italian rock bands, but also creators of some of the finest Italian film soundtracks alongside the redoubtable Ennio Morricone!"
Alan Freeman