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Thread: Pyramid Theorem live review from T.I.M.A.S

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    Pyramid Theorem live review from T.I.M.A.S

    Pyramid Theorem, a progressive/metal/rock band from Richmond Hill, ON, opened with an epic song that featured an intricately stunning guitar solo that commanded all attention. From the back of The Central, I witnessed a crowd of many slowly and steadily, one by one, pulled to the edge of their seats, ultimately becoming a collective “one” while the band’s futuristic sound incrementally expanded outwards as though on a never-ending journey.

    The experience was astounding. “The Agency” was followed by “Forever in Chains”. It, too, was a big ass song that had the ability to take you on, what felt like, a blind rollercoaster ride. The entire place was hooked.

    The band continued to build on that phenomenal opening platform. Near the end of the last song, the drummer delivered a massive piece (at one point he literally stood up playing from his kit) that nearly brought me to my knees – it was that ******* awesome. Pass me the nitro….. Christian Di Mambro – bass Stephan Di Mambro – guitar, keys, vocals Sam Ermilini – guitar, vocals and Vito De Francesco – drums are the Canadian talent to watch.

    These guys came to their TIMA showcase with their band manager, Anthony Positano, a slick epk professionally printed in colour on glossy finish, packaged cd’s to spare, and their logo and branding firmly in place. They are as serious in the business aspect as they are in their music.

    By BD Marie Hughes

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    you guys rock i like keep up the great work you boys are talented

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