Please read these basic rules before advertising or asking for reviews of music, artists, web sites etc.:

• If you wish to promote and/or ask for reviews of your (or someone else's) music, ensemble/orchestra, CDs, web site, etc. on Magle International Music Forums please do so in the Music & Web Site Reviews Forum. You can also post a link to your web site in your member-profile (User Control Panel ยป Edit Profile).

• However, you are welcome to write about various composers, musicians, works, recordings etc. and include relevant (non-commercial) links in the post as long as the post/article is not an advertisement for said artists/recordings but rather a genuine invitation to discussion and/or a relevant piece of non-promotional information.

Note: these rules are mainly instated in order to avoid people joining this forum, making one or two posts advertising their (or someone else's) music/website/whatever often to never be seen here again. Thus, the rules are relaxed for the regular members (defined as members with more than 25 posts).

If in doubt just ask