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Thread: Female artists of the world

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    Cool Female artists of the world

    I want to hear what people think is a beautiful female voice.

    You can go for the Popular:
    Mariah Carey
    Kelly Clarckson
    Lady GaGa (if your into that)

    Or obscure (unknown and the like):
    Adrina Thorpe
    Ingrid Michaelson
    Molly Marlette

    These are just examples of what I think are pretty nice voices but please tell me what you think is the best. And if you think my choices are bad please tell me why.

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    In my neck of the woods it's still Patsy Cline (classic) and Loretta
    Lynn, and Trisha Yearwood. Ladies of country. There are a lot of
    rednecks that live in Kentucky and country hicks. If I wanted to
    hear someone like Bach or Beethoven or any of the classics, I have
    to hear it at church. Rap is driving me crazy here with all the cussing
    and swearing in it as loud as they can get it going down the road.
    judy tooley

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    Whitney Houston=goat

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    Enya is still the best for me.

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