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Thread: Organ music of Théodore Salomé

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    Organ music of Théodore Salomé

    Dear Collegues,
    I am looking for the organ music of Théodore Salomé.
    I have found much of his compositions but I could not find the following book:
    Théodore Salomé: Douze Pièces Nouvelles, 2e. volume
    1. Marche Nuptial
    2. Mater amabilis
    3. Prélude
    4. Elégie
    5. Cantilène pastorale
    6. Légende
    7. Sortie solenelle
    8. Scherzo
    9. Adorate Dominum
    10. Lamento
    11. Intermezzo
    12. Marche Religieuse
    Who can help me to find it?
    I am looking forward to some informations.
    Thank you very much
    John Alesbury

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    Hi John,

    Ask and ye shall receive ... I think you will find what you are looking for on this page: on IMSLP, which has all Public Domain music ripe for the picking.

    And, welcome to this great forum community. We hope you will enjoy the time you spend here.
    Kh ~~.

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