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Thread: How similar is organ to piano

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    How similar is organ to piano


    I love organ music and piano music but I'm a beginner to both. I really want to learn to play the piano and the organ I was wondering if you can learn both and how similar the piano was to the organ.

    I have an electronic organ but I do not have a piano if I learn to play the organ will it be harder? should I start on a piano? if I play the organ can I easily play a piano? I want to know if I need to buy a piano keyboard.

    Thank you

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    Hello Time, and a warm welcome to the forum. If you dig around on the main Pipe Organ Forum you will find a lot of discussion of the points you raise. Just to get you started:

    - Most people who play the organ also play the piano to some extent
    - It used to be the rule that you had to learn the piano first, but most people these days would say it's fine to learn the organ from scratch if that's your wish
    - Apart from the question of pedals, there is a significant difference in "touch" between piano and organ, but having learnt one it isn't too hard to adapt to the other.
    - You should bear in mind that many electronic organs are fine for popular music but if you're interested in the "serious" repertoire (Bach etc) you ideally need two 5-octave keyboards and 30 or 32 pedals
    - Some of the cheaper keyboards don't give a very realistic "piano", but I once borrowed a Roland and that was excellent.

    Hope that helps
    Best wishes, John

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    Organ and Piano are 2 completely different instruments. I mean, they make both have keys, and almost the same scores, but other than that, the technique (apart from the pedals) is quite a different thing.

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