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Thread: Need some help in organ hymn

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    Need some help in organ hymn

    I am going to play The Lord is my Shepherd in my church for the 10 years anniversary. Does anyone have the sheet music for the Howard Goodall tune? Its the theme from The Vicar of Dibley. Can anyone provide [a source for] the sheet music for me?

    Thank you very much...

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    The music mentioned is quite available for purchasing by anyone. Information about this wonderful music can be read here on Goodall's site.

    The publisher of this music is Faber Music; ordering information available here.

    The works of Howard Goodall, since he is still quite alive at 51 years of age, is still in copyright protection. Free "bootleg" copying of his, or any other copyrighted works, is illegal, an activity that this forum in general discourages.
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