I've come across a very nice example of a Bevington organ which is likely to be put up for sale on eBay. It bears the makers name plate and is dated 1840.

It is almost untouched (someone has made off with its 2 rank mixture) although ideally someone will buy it and totally restore it.

Are there any experts on Magle who know about Bevington organs who can say whether its likely to be worth much?

It has a short compass Swell, with 3 stops (Hautboy, Principal and Open Diapason), but a long compass Great thats goes right down to bottom G.

The specification of the Great is:-
Stopped Diapason, Cremona, Principal, Fifteenth, Mixture (now missing), Flute and Open Diapason.

There is a pedal board (but no pedal stops) permanently coupled to the Great, and also a Copula stop to couple Gt to Swell.

If anyone can throw any light on what the make up of the mixture would have been, then a replacement rank could be made.