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Thread: Where can I get video clips for film music practice?

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    Talking Where can I get video clips for film music practice?

    I am making a portpolio for grad school for film music. It is hard to find video clips with no music in it but have dialogues and sound effects. Does anyone know where I can find them?

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    might try and google search. bling search. I'll see what I can find in my spare time for you. Good luck and Welcome to the site..

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    Hi superkie and welcome to our little home.

    Give this a try for some short clips and sound effects: Not all the clips have audio, but you can search through the pages. The kids playing in the fountain has audio. I googled trailers with no music and got a lot of hits, but unfortunately, you will need to spend some time sifting through the clips to find ones you can use.

    A great source will be video forums. Best wishes for grad school.
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    Thank a lot for the tips! I will check it out.

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