It's my pleasure to announce that today we send out the first newsletter - the August/September 2005 Newsletter - from Magle International Music Forums to all members who has opted to receive mails upon registration or by editing their profile (currently: 204 recipients). The newsletter has been written/edited by our new newsletter editor Mallorie

The newsletter:

To all you members of Magle International Music Forums, this is our update for August/September. First we at would like to thank all of our active members for your continued support and participation at the site, and your help in making it a good community for us all.

To those members who haven't been as active recently, we miss you. We would love to have you back. Here is some of what you have missed recently:

Recent Activity

From Thought to Finished A discussion of the composition process. How do you compose your own music?

What Instruments do You Have? Let us know what instruments you have.

The Magic of Debussy A discussion of impressionist music.

Lord of the Rings Score - your opinions and favorite tracks
Talk about the music from "Lord of the Rings".

The construction of a new pipe organ
Ongoing blog and discussion following the construction of a new organ.

Music & Web Site Reviews - Be Reviewed
Be sure to check out and review the music of other members of, or post your own music for review!

So those are some of the things you might have missed recently. Come on back and give us your input on these and other topics we have going right now.


We're also going to be going through some changes soon at In the upcoming months we will be switching to new and improved forum software. It is already in the works. All users, posts, PMs, polls, etc. will be imported - so your login will continue to work. The "style sheet" will also be converted, so the forums will "look" the same, but tons of new and useful functionality will be added, without the user experience getting more complicated. Read ... for more information about this up coming change.

There has also been a change in Area 51, the area of our site which is only open to members. This entire area has been revamped and is now a place for announcements, special messages, and downloads. Only regulators and administrators will be able to post in this area now. Threads that were located in area 51 have been moved to the newly renamed Community Center and Chat Forum, which was previously the Not So Serious Forum. If you'd like to read more about this change then please feel free to do so ...

For those of you interested there is also a lot coming up in the music world that hasn't been brought up on the site. There are a lot of concerts and music festivals coming up across the world. You can find some of them ...


For July 2005 we have a lot of good things to report. We had 658,128 total hits to the site, 279,961 total page views, 12,133 total visitors (with unique IP addresses), and a total of 39.69 Gigs transferred. So as you can see we have been busy.

That is all for the August/September update people. We appreciate your continued support and participation at our site. So now "Go forth and spread the good news of Magle International Music Forums", please help us spread the word. We would love to have many more active members to add to the site, so spread the word and keep us active.

Best Regards, Magle International Music Forums

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