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  1. Symphonische Kantate Third Movement
  2. "Jinx" for brassband + "If this is life"
  3. miniature for clar.(B), vibraphon, marimba., crotales, timp., perc., piano
  4. Two Pieces For Piano Duo
  5. "La chasse au dragon" for brassband
  6. New Works....my first post
  7. Brad Stark - Introducing my Compositions
  8. concerto for string orchestra third movement / download for free
  9. And the Wind Came Upon the Jonquils in Spring
  10. Classical piano MIDI files sharing impromptus
  11. brandes / concerto for string orchestra / complete
  12. Samples from my new piano suite
  13. Welcome - Please Read before posting!
  14. Piano piece All Good Things from my CD
  15. Continuous play "channels" web page design, works??
  16. Samples from yet another piano suite
  17. Concerto for organ and orchestra
  18. NEW NAMES - Alvin Lloyd Masters
  19. Karl Jenkins
  20. My Work
  21. Introducing my contemporary work for orchestra
  22. A piece of program music for amplified ensemble/orchestra
  23. Orchestrating a piano piece
  24. New version of Piano Orchestration piece
  25. New works for piano
  26. Advanced Piano Work
  27. My first post [of music]
  28. Carter Williams
  29. Fugue in f sharp minor
  30. Take My Breath away (Top Gun soundtrack), for orchestra
  31. short piano medley
  32. A new Australian work about reconciliation
  33. My first YouTube post
  34. New recording of guitar piece (my next YouTube post!)
  35. Videos of 4 piano pieces from Blue Intermezzo
  36. Little piece for 4 hands piano
  37. My little piece for trio
  38. Superabimus for string orchestra (live video)
  39. Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Liszt, Bizet, Sarasate and Respighi arrangements
  40. My Concert piece for violin and piano
  41. My first opera song that i performed
  42. WindBlade : "Soleil d'Hiver"
  43. Adieu mon frère
  44. La Mort des Artistes
  45. Sketch for orchestra - Ian Moore
  46. Empfindsamkeit
  47. Luís Afonso André - No Heart Made of Stone (Original Composition No.7) piano
  48. La Palette...
  49. Narcissistic
  50. Luís Afonso André - Rolling Dots (Original Composition No.8) piano
  51. Prokofiev Constellation in this new Quintet
  52. Narcissistic II (rough draft)
  53. Luís Afonso André - Snow Chills (Original Piano Composition)
  54. Luís Afonso André - Piano Flakes (Piano Solo Album)
  55. Organ music
  56. Luís Afonso André - Ben's Biggest Fear (IT Inspired Composition) Piano
  57. Piano compo - Gilles C.
  58. Piano compo 2 - Gilles C.