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3 Pups Music
Aug-27-2005, 13:15
We have been experimenting with making free or cheap music promotional videos for ourselves (http://www.myspace.com/3pupsmusic) and others (ambient/experimental guitarist Jim Hearn at http://www.myspace.com/visualsound). Does anyone else do this? Could you suggest some favorite tips or techniques or software? Thanks in advance, Newbie Brad

Aug-28-2005, 21:26
I do..
I have 2 online currently..
http://systemdanmarc.dk/sdc_n.avi ( full version with danish speech at http://systemdanmarc.dk/information/sdc.avi )

both have been made for a prize of approx 2.000 euro.

I'm putting my stuff together with the help of EyeonDigitals Digital Fusion, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.

With programs like either Fusion or Combustion (similar, just cheaper version.. )you can give the quality of digital images quite a touch.

It doesn't have to cost much to do a video.. it is basically just a matter of having the right ideas.. and manage to boost into your results.. Fusion takes some time to learn to harness, but it is worth it. It is hard to give general advice except from keep it simple unless you have someone fueling you with money..

Apart from that.. feel free to ask if you have some more direct questions.. it is quite a large topic.. and I can't really tell you how to do it.. I can tell you how I do it, but even that will be hard to explain..

3 Pups Music
Aug-29-2005, 14:35
Thanks for your nice reply. My partner and I have started first with graphic art fonts and digital manipulation to introduce motion and morphing. Then we tried adding still images to the movement and morphing. Now (via cell phone camera files we convert to avi) we are adding low fi motion pictures. So far we use free software and also software we got bundled with equipment (Zwei-Stein, Ulead, Pinnacle and Bobyte video and screen capture software, and ArChaos and Vamp image morph/generators made for video DJs). The soundtracks are our music or in the case of Jim Hearn it belongs to him. Newbie Brad