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Jan-16-2010, 21:06
Hi, my name is Roy Merritt. I tried to link this little 30 second piece before but I'm not sure anyone could open it. I like melodies and piano pieces. Don't be kind now. If it's clunky or sounds like a subliminal mash up of piano lessons give it to me straight.

cinemateque (http://roymerritt.com/uploads/2/7/1/7/2717814/cinematheque.mp3)

Jan-16-2010, 22:05
a progressive fugue.. sounding to me. I like it.... like to see what you develope from here.

Jan-17-2010, 19:05
Thanks for the encouragement wljmrbill. I still can't play after all these years, but I can write a few things (if you one can be so gracious to call it that). I picked up the piano myself - no lessons - literally had a friend help me pick up an old used upright and throw it in the back of my pick up truck.

Apr-04-2010, 23:00
This is really nice.
I do some piano improvisations myself and I would like to have some comments.
If you have time please listen to this.