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Jan-28-2010, 13:59
The Woody Herman piece 4 brothers featuring 4 saxes seems fairly well known, but I recall a piece called 4 others featuring 4 trombones, I've tried chasing through Google and Wikipedia and Amazon music but the nearest relevant hit I seem to get is an album by Herman called 4 others which doesn't fit with my recollections. As far as I can recall, the version I remember hearing (not just once) was a small group, not a full band.

From what I recall, the trombonists featured were J J Johnson, Kai Winding plus probably Bob Brookmeyer and Bennie Green, I've tried searching on each of these to no avail.

Jan-28-2010, 22:54
hi Mike,
I've searched Spotify for the track you mention.
The only direct ref, as you said, was in the cd "Woody Hermans Finest Hours" which certainly had more than 1 tmb.
There is a track "Four plus four" in the J.J. CD "An Afternoon at Birdland" which appears to feature more than 1 tbn.
This is a cd worth listening to.

Jan-28-2010, 23:50
The one I recall was definitely "4 others" and there was reference to 4 brothers at the time, I found one CD called 4 Trombones on Amazon featuring JJ, Kai, Willie Dennis and Bennie Green, but 4 others is not included in the track list. Frustrating innit!!

Feb-10-2010, 22:26
Apropos of not much, I have noted your liking for Kai Winding.
Have you heard the 2 tracks "Never let me go" and "Night of the Carnival"
If not let me know and I'll eMail them.
Cheers John

Feb-11-2010, 00:37
It's not this four trombones is it.


Feb-11-2010, 01:45
Margaret, it's a similar line up, but missing Bob Brookmeyer, and "4 Others" is not on the track list.

I've searched Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia, Google, Last.fm, HMV using each of the trombonists as keyword - zilch.

Feb-11-2010, 23:27
Hi Mike,
Add spotify to the list. I can confirm Woody H.played the track in "Woody Hermans Finest Hour"
By the way it should read "Morning of the Carnival" by Kai

Cheers John

Feb-13-2010, 19:49
Hi Mike,
Another "Four Others" track from Amazon via Google.
Howard Rumsey's All stars in CD "Modern Jazz - The World's Greatest Jazz Collection. Vol. 30"

Unfortunately not what you want.

Cheers John

Feb-13-2010, 20:46
Not to worry. it'll probably pop out of the woodwork when I'm searching for something entirely different!!

Mar-10-2010, 00:08
Hi Mike,
I put Kai Winding into Google today and there are some interesting discographies.
I didn't seach in depth but this approach could perhaps reveal a "Four Others" ref.