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3 Pups Music
Sep-18-2005, 05:10
Uptown, Downtown, Outside The International 9-11-05.mp3 (http://audio60.archive.org/3/audio/UptownDowntownOutsideTheInternational9-11-05/UptownDowntownOutsideTheInternational9-11-05.mp3)

51 min 33 sec. I wanted to do an improvisational fretless guitar recording in NYC on 9-11 and get it all done in one day. After 30 min it becomes experimental. Lots of field noise. Written and performed by Newbie Brad, © 2005 3 Pups Music (ASCAP). Co-produced by Pantha and Newbie Brad, fretless electric guitar and software.

Newbie Brad

Sep-18-2005, 16:16
Quite the undertaking. What made you decide to go fretless?

I'm curious about the context of your signature. I'm agnostic, so it sounds like something clever I would say in a religion/faith context.

3 Pups Music
Sep-18-2005, 19:46
Thanks for giving the recording a go. Please drop by our website for more fretless content. I switched for a change about 2 years ago and haven't been dissappointed. some sites with fretless content are http://www.unfretted.com and http://www.kronosonic.com. My partner and I were already in the city last weekend for some shows we did at a festival and I planned ahead to do the recording as a 9-11/NYC themed improvisation project. The recording was on my electric guitar but unplugged and miked. My partner helped me produce the recording, especially the more experimental final 2/5 of it, and all was recorded outside our lodgings at The International on 9-11-05.