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Oct-09-2005, 15:29
Living at the foor of Mount Olympus I am able to discourse with the Gods on a regular basis! https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif Actually, if you visit the internet site written by the kids I teach you can find out a bit more about Mount Olympus, Katerini and the place I live. http://www.musesnet.gr/etimes/
There's a good recipe for Moussaka - it is the number 1 site on Google for this dish with over 440,000 hits! Don't believe me? Type moussaka into google and see what happens.
Mount Olympus is very beautiful. There are many rare animal and plants to be found there, and every time you look it's different. I have been looking at it for the past 20 years and never cease to wonder at its infinite variety.
Though I wouldn't claim to be an artist, I do paint and draw and have had a few exhibitions. If you visit http://pieria.spark.net.gr/etimes/picture.htm
you can see some of the kids I teach, a view of the sunset from my balcony, Mount Olympus in winter, and a couple of pictures I have painted. The Harbour in Pylos is a watercolour, Livadi an oil painting.
Alexander the Great believed he was descended from the Gods of Olympus. They are as real today as they were when time began.
Here's a painting I did of the view from my balcony in spring.
John Foss