View Full Version : New Sub-Forum - Identifying Music

Oct-30-2010, 17:36
A new sub-forum has just been born ... Identify Music (http://www.magle.dk/music-forums/identify-music/) where anyone can post a clip of unidentified music for which they are seeking the title of.

We've had a plethora of new threads asking members to identify this piece or that piece ... so, we decided to create a new forum dedicated just for that purpose.

Please note that this new sub-forum is not the place for people to promote their own music ... we have other forum areas for those posts.

As always, spam and any posts containing promotional advertising (including links) will be removed by the forum staff without any warning.

Oct-31-2010, 00:40
Lars: I think this is a very good concept. Make it much easier to explore unknown/question of music compositions.

Oct-31-2010, 13:22
Good idea Lars. helps keep the forum nice and tidy.


Oct-31-2010, 19:09
This is a much better idea, than people just asking in new threads.