View Full Version : tiosd (translation: why can't I delete a post?)

Nov-11-2010, 01:37
========== why can't I delete this post?? edit only allows edit and not delete? has someone switched off the delete option?

Nov-11-2010, 03:04
Hi Colin,

In order to delete a post, you need to click on "Go Advanced" to see that tool. Bear in mind too, that there is a time limit (thinking it's like 12 hours) before editing/deletion is no longer an option. Moved this thread to the Site Feedback area as it may be of interest to other members, too.

Nov-11-2010, 04:21
I tried going advanced but nothing changed? I tried several times within an hour and as you can see the original post was only 2 or so hours ago so well within the time limit. I have deleted other posts before with no problems, by way of explanation I was trying out a link.
I have tried again (the first post) but the delete button is still missing, when I try from this post the button is present??

Nov-11-2010, 08:26
Most strange ... I checked the forum settings for Area 51 and found no errors. Specifically, the 'delete' option is enabled for Area 51.

I'll have to check this out farther ... stay tuned.

[Edit: update]

Using a test login, I was able to replicate the problem ... I'll report it to Frederik. It's not really a high priority item as any Sr. Staff member can delete it easily, so it may be down the line before it gets fixed. Thanks for telling us about it though. :)

Nov-11-2010, 09:34
I have just tried again, its only my first post that does not show (delete) all others do show it, please don't go to any trouble Lars

Nov-11-2010, 12:48
I suppose it's because the forum doesn't allow regular members to delete whole threads. I've experienced this problem, too. I can easily delete a post, but not if it's a first post in thread I've just created. But then, what do I know...:rolleyes:

Nov-11-2010, 17:07

You're absolutely correct ... when users create a new thread, that first posting cannot be deleted, as it would technically be deleting a thread, which can only be done by forum staff.

You should be a forum Regulator :) Great answer ... and thanks!!

Nov-11-2010, 17:17
Hey Lars, no probs. Glad I could help.

And be careful, someday I might take you up on your offer :D

Nov-12-2010, 04:50
perhaps a thread could be made available for members to experiment with?? and Mat it was your solution to my problem that I was fiddling around with, and it worked lol

Nov-12-2010, 06:00
. . . perhaps a thread could be made available for members to experiment with?

There is no present provision for a member scratchpad areas (forum) ... :cry:.

Nov-12-2010, 15:22
Glad to hear that, Colin.