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Jan-03-2011, 03:50
Hi folks,

I wanted to get another clip on my YouTube channel before 2010 was out and I just managed to post this on NYE.

It's a solo guitar piece that I wrote a few years ago now, and is an attempt to convey my profound love for my wife (which is essentially inexpressible but when words fail - as they always do - there's only one other place for me to go). I'd had several takes of this piece kicking around and thought it was high time I cobbled together a decent (ish) one (which actually meant abandoning said previous takes and doing a few more) So, my apologies to real guitarists here, this was the best I could manage, but I think it's relatively passable (well, I wouldn't have posted it otherwise!).

The images in the clip are taken from where we spent our 10th wedding anniversary earlier in 2010 (a bit too close to home for my liking but still a nice escape). Anyway, the remaining explanations are on the YT page. It's obviously very different and "trad" compared to the electronic piece I first posted, but that's just me ... whatever suits.


or the channel page:

Cheers folks (and a Happy New Year to all by the way)


Jan-03-2011, 07:04
Very enjoyable piece and I like the scenic pictures to go with the piece.Thanks

Jan-03-2011, 19:34
Lovely piece Mathew. Thoroughly enjoyed it