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Prog Head
Jan-08-2011, 11:39
IFSOUNDS deliver a mix of classical and ethnical music, baroque pop and sympho rock, alternative twang and psychedelic torch, plus a bit of mainstream. Superb performance, with the unusual vocal talents of Elena Ricci, Claudio Lapenna's piano/keys, Dario Lastella's guitar/synth dominate the sound throughout. Francesco Bussoli (bass) and Enzo Bellocchio (percussion) are hidden in the background but what they do is an impressive stuff too...
For me, 'Apeirophobia' is one of the most interesting Italian relesess in a long time. :cool: Ifsounds acquired a taste for the abstract style of playing. It may not immediately strike some of you as a hotbed of progressive rock. However, this band appearance hides the depth of strong creation. ;)

http://www.ifsounds.com/ (http://www.ifsounds.com/)

Prog Head
May-25-2011, 18:11

May-26-2011, 02:35
How abouit a link to an example :)

Prog Head
May-26-2011, 05:14
Those of you who have any interest, take a look to the band's website. There's a couple of video clips here.


May-26-2011, 23:20
Thanks.Found their music interesting