View Full Version : Gonzales organ (1932) in St Vaast, Bailleul

Oct-30-2005, 12:59
This organ is currently featured on the Public Downloads page of Organs and Organists Online. It was built in 1932, and the opening recital was given by Louis Vierne. Vierne, who was organist at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris at that time, had been involved in the design of this instrument, which was in part a product of the French "organ reform movement", started in 1922 by Andre Marchal, Victor Gonzales and Norbert Dufourcq. On this occasion Organiste Titulaire, Jerome Faucheur, plays music by Vierne, including the Carillon de Westminster and the Final from the the Third Symphony. Gonzales had been an apprentice with Cavaille Coll, whose influence is to be heard here. The building is of Cathedral proportions and acoustics, and the organ is situated in the West Gallery, from whence it speaks with clarity and authority.
John Foss

Oct-30-2005, 13:10
I forgot to include the fact that the mp3's on the St Vaast feature are of high quality and can be found at
Public Downloads.
We shall be adding other new sound files today, including Nina De Sole recorded live in a recital on the IV/65 Casavant organ at Saints-Anges-Gardiens, Lachine, Quebec, including music by Francisco Correa de Arauxo and Guilmant. It's the first time I have heard any music by Spanish composer Correa de Arauxo,(1576/7 ? -1654), but it is worth listening to.
John Foss

Jan-05-2006, 15:27
Actually, this organ has already been recorded twice on CD: one by Jerome Faucheur (from which your mp3's seem to be taken), and one with improvisations on Debussy themes by Loic Mallie. A year or two ago, I was lucky to attend a recital by Mallie at this instrument, and I can only confirm that it is very beautiful indeed.