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May-03-2011, 04:00
Hi folks,

Just me again, found an old recording of another of my choral pieces from a while back now. It's not the best recording because of the distance between the organ and the choir (essentially at opposite ends of the building and the microphones were a bit closer to the organ). However, I think it gets the point across and I was very happy with the choir's performance. It's also one of a small number of my works with which I'm still quite pleased. Texts are in Welsh and English from poems by Edward ap Raff and Alfred Lord Tennyson. Further explanations on the Soundcloud page.

In Riddles Disappearing (http://soundcloud.com/mach4/in-riddles-disappearing)


Mods, I've just realised to my embarrasment that I probably should have posted this in the Contemporary Classical Works forum rather than here. Do excuse me, I was a little hasty in pressing send, sorry about that. Please feel free to move it as you see appropriate.

May-11-2011, 21:48

Highly enjoyable. Thank you for the link


May-11-2011, 22:23
Very nice work, Matt :)
Thanks for sharing.

And, this thread should remain in this forum ... it is, after all, a choral work.

May-24-2011, 17:40
Matt ... one word ... WOW

I absolutely loved that piece

May-25-2011, 01:29
Gentlemen, you are very kind, thank you. I'm also glad that the work found favour with some English forum members given the main drive behind the piece :)

Thanks again

May-25-2011, 09:58
I found your piece a pleasure to listen to the performance. NIce acoustics. I noted a number of well harmonized passages throughtout the piece. You should be pleased with your work my friend.

Jan-28-2012, 17:48
I listened to your 'In Riddles Disappearing' and 'Around Us' and loved them both. They do succeed in 'naming some unnameables' and painting unique emotional landscapes which made me feel personally addressed. I dare say they deserve, in my humble opinion, to be widely known and sung.