View Full Version : MacIntosh's Symphony LCD Screens

Nov-13-2005, 00:06
I saw not to long ago that Mac has produced a system for Orchestras that basically did away with sheet music using programmable Touch Screen LCD's on the Music Stands.Any of you ran across these yet? Each Screen can be programmed thru a main frame to allow for each individual performer to recieve thier music thru the screen...Will this will basically do away with sheet music in the future for live performances? I think so..and its an awesome idea in my eyes...any thoughts from you on this topic? Computers have long been a bane to musicians who perform for a living, I don't hear them grumping about this one.

Colorful Mage
Dec-29-2005, 19:51
Personally, if I were in an orchestra, I'd prefer the sheet music. Although I am not one to stand in the way of progress, I cannot see this becoming a revolutionary invention.

Jan-16-2006, 00:10
Well it doesn't need to be revolutionary to be of good use. On a first glimpse it might seem odd with this screen instead of a stack of papers. But looking from a editorial/management/costbenefit point of view, the use of a centralized-distribution scheme is not a bad idea. The process of storing, collecting, organizing aso. the sheet music will be much easier, and with regards to last moment corrections it will also be a lot easier to manage.
If it works and the musicians can get used to it I see no reason why not to utilize the technology at hand.

Jan-16-2006, 07:38
I have heard of that not so long ago, I seen a demonstration video. It was nice though, the pianist was reading the sheet on his screen and when it was time to turn the page, he simply needed to press a special pedal. The screen could also be used for composing and touching up the sheets.

I think it is a great idea, especialy for orchestra. However, music sheets are great but that would be better I think.

Jan-16-2006, 08:39
I would think that music sheets are good too, because the cost of the LCD could be alot, but the changing the page by foot pedals, that isn't too much of a bad idea either. As a pianist, sometimes turning the page becomes a problem for me, and when I play at the restaurant, with the wind blowing the page. It most certainly saves alot of hassles.

Personally I would prefer sheet music in the Original form.