View Full Version : restoring wooden pipes

Nov-14-2005, 14:26
i need some informations about restoring wooden pipes because of a
essay i had to do in school. may be somebody know a internet site where i could get some informations.
thanks ruprecht

Thomas Dressler
Dec-06-2005, 08:00
I didn't find anything much in a search on the internet, though perhaps someone else might know where to find some information. As in the question on voicing, do you have any specific questions? I might be able to get some information from one of my organ builder friends.

Thomas Dressler

Apr-24-2007, 06:09
Don't take this the wrong way ... but if you are undertaking research for a university assignment, it would be best for you to actually "do the research". If it were me I'd look up my yellowpages, find my local organ builder (Peter Jewkes in my home town) and "pick his brians".