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Jun-01-2011, 07:37
Hello, I'm currently 22 and wanting to be a choral composer. I don't seek to be a full-time commissioned choral composer, I just want to get my music performed. How can I spread around my scores and get performances without being published, cause I'm not sure I have what it takes to be a published composer.
Here's a sample of my music to give you an idea of my aesthetic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06_YI3Ahe00&feature=related
Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer.

Jun-01-2011, 11:32
Hello Josh and welcome to the forum. I enjoyed your music and look forward to hearing more.

There are many knowable people here who I am sure can help you. I imagine one of the most important things will be to safeguard your music from being copied and claimed by someone else.


Jun-21-2011, 07:49
in regards to Teddy's comment.. one simple thing I have heard that works is mail to yourself by registered mail a copy of the score...sign for it:BUT DO NOT OPEN IT.. This a proof date of your composition and if anyone tries to copy your work you have a certified copy of the orginal that can be opened by the judisual judges. Maybe offer your pieces to local choral diectors, choral societies,ministers of music at large churchs. to see if they might perform it for exposure. IT is good to mail copies to publishers in-oder to get feedback also even if you do not want to become a publiched autor ( might as well get paid for it ) YOu might be surpeised. Good Luck with your composing.

"Orphan" I can see being performed for competition/professional choirs. Nice harmony
Also listened to the String Quartet..Well Done. What the hell you are worried about I am not sure:you be able to go far with all the talent you pocess.

Jul-12-2011, 16:43
How about releasing your works in a licence like creative-commons? you allow people use your works freely but they have to say that you have composed that music.

Jul-12-2011, 19:19
That sounds like a very good idea