View Full Version : Best sequencer?

Nov-17-2005, 00:41
I am a user of Logic Pro. Does anybody have experience with this program and can compare it to Nuendo, as she/he is using both programs? Is Nuendo better for Surround Sound? Is the DTS-encoder available seperatly so I could use it with Logic?
greetings to everybody

Jan-12-2007, 07:11
Hello Neil, I use LogicPro 7.2, have no exp w/Nuendo. Im in US, but I notice a lot of people I comm w/on different boards, especially from Europe use Nuendo. Why dont u try asking in a Logic forum.

I just got into LP 6 months ago, using an RME FF800/Mac G5 2.5. Buried myself in it, still learning, but am tracking and have been burning test cd's since Dec. Only complaint is when doing a lot of tracks with say, Ivory and Miroslav, multiple instances, it can cause the Mac to get a bit buggy. Going to bump Mem from 4.5 to 6gb soon.

Good luck, Armand.