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Prog Head
Jul-14-2011, 18:56
Norway is now pumping out many good bands and FATAL FUSION is no exception. On their debut album ‘Land Of The Sun’ I got a nice surprise. All trademarks are there, but this five-piece didn't simply give another typical progressive product. These guys went out to make something unique. A superb melting pot of styles. This CD combines the best in hard-rock and neo-prog, funk and latino, space and jazz, blues and classical music. :cool:

http://www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=10570 (http://www.seaoftranquility.org/reviews.php?op=showcontent&id=10570)

If you think of heavy Atomic Rooster, very old Deep Purple, early Marillion, in places Carlos Santana and young King Crimson, psychedelic Pink Floyd, you will have a good idea for the general sound of Fatal Fusion. This new group conglomerates many influences together in eight songs - well built and runs superiorly, with lots of instrumental fireworks, blinding solos and time changes. Skillfully balancing with tempos, loud and gentle fragments, create with delicious guitar playing and amazing keyboards (Hammond, Moog, Mellotron), raging percussion and seductive bass, it’s worth the plunge! :cool: Of course, the great asset to originality lies in ability of singer Knut E. Grontvedt to combine his bluesy timbre with bitter-sweet performance. CD ‘Land Of The Sun’ indicates that Fatal Fusion has the potential for outstanding music. ;)
I am going to recommend this release to anyone who’s devoted to ‘Golden Era’. The sound has more of similarity to the 70’s period rather than that of the 80’s - very dynamic, energetic and also very catchy. It should steal your heart. :)

Several tracks are available to listen to as full length mp3 files at the band’s website – check them out.

http://fatalfusion.com.hostbaby.com/listen (http://fatalfusion.com.hostbaby.com/listen)

Prog Head
Aug-17-2011, 13:02
An article from Classic Rock magazine.


Prog Head
Oct-06-2011, 18:33
An article from Music Street Journal.


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Feb-25-2012, 07:13
A link to Background's review.


Prog Head
Oct-28-2016, 19:42
Fatal Fusion are gearing up to release their brand new album called 'Total Absence' this November, (unveiling full track-list with a total length of over 60 min). :cool:


1. The Gates of Ishtar2. Shadow of the King
3. Forgotten One
4. Astral Flight
5. The Emperor’s Letter
6. Endless Ocean Blue
7. Total Absence.

Prog Head
Nov-12-2016, 19:34
My appetite is whetted - even more than before. :cool:


Prog Head
Jan-26-2017, 12:23
Well. Here's my own review. :)

FATAL FUSION have pulled off a stunner with the third studio album 'Total Absence' that checks in at seven compositions and high praise-worthy 56-plus min. What makes this new disk really special is the refreshing blend of diverse influences as well as portrayed emotion, added to challenging songs and great performances. The cohesive material shines through, especially when heard straight from the very first number to the last one. Fittingly enough, the album kicks off with a mysterious overture to showcase what Fatal Fusion are capable of. Played with sheer authority, the instrumental piece ‘The Gates Of Ishtar’ brings a predominant Arabian feel, providing a somewhat ominous atmosphere. Symphonic set-up is followed by martially sounding track ‘Shadow Of The King’, to recall the Rainbow’s musical blueprint which functions like a mid-tempo rocker. From its outset, there’s a solid build up featuring impeccable guitar work (Stig Selnes), huge keyboards (Erlend Engebretsen), intensive power of rhythm section (Audun Engebretsen / Lasse Lie). The structural components are fitted together well, the ensemble accomplishes its mission enabling Knut Erik Grøntvedt to deliver his remarkable vocal style. A bit hoarse voice gives another sort of momentum. Next up, ‘Forgotten One’ adorned by prominent sound of flute. To a certain extent, it betrays an influence from Jethro Tull. Besides, The Windmill kept coming to my mind while listening to this catchy song. Afterward, sparkling ‘Astral Flight’, based on the reveries and instrumental grooves. A typical Jadis manner prevails, though the experimental section in vein of TFK is also present. The guitar wiz Stig Selnes and key virtuoso Erlend Engebretsen are in the spotlight, filling the air with depth and colour. Permanently audible, bassist Lasse Lie with drummer Audun Engebretsen supplement a dynamic dimension. The singer is kept aside here. Moving on. ‘The Emperor’s Letter’ balances between Spock's Beard and Salem Hill, before descending into absolute magic: flawless guitar solo is reminiscent of Steve Hackett. It brings goosebumps to my spine. Yet again, Knut Erik Grøntvedt affords a lyrical meaning to content. The further CD goes, the more intriguing it becomes. Depicting different emotional states, a lengthy composition ‘Endless Ocean Blue’ is a kind of prog-suite with its three acts (‘Meditation’, ‘Ascension’, ‘Realization’). If you can mix Iluvatar, Marillion, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, you will have a good idea for the general sound of this opus. The musicianship is still terrific, while Knut Erik pours his soul into every note he sings. By no coincidence, 'Total Absence' is the longest track on the whole album, clocking in at 15:30 min. Four parts (‘Empty Houses, Empty Streets’, ‘Losing Faith’, ‘Night Must Fall’, ‘United We Stand’) transfer into each other making the epic vertex. In musical ways, it largely leans on old Genesis and Dream Theater. Flows and ebbs with changes of pace and time-signatures. The front man sings with heart, creating the tangible imagery. It’s curious to note, however, Fatal Fusion have decided to place a beautiful guitar solo in the final segment, providing a true Pendragon vibe. And when the music gradually fades away, you are left a fully delighted customer!!! All in all, this release is both very melodic and adventurous; it should deliver tons of enjoyment for progressive rock heads who chose to seek it out. Definitely recommended…:cool:


Prog Head
Dec-01-2017, 10:02
Fatal Fusion will begin to work on their next studio record in January 2018. :cool:

Prog Head
Apr-12-2019, 09:30
Fatal Fusion will begin to work on their next studio record in January 2018. :cool:

Some good news on the horizon. :guitar:

Prog Head
Jan-03-2020, 14:32
Fatal Fusion are just signed by Apollon Records. The label will take care of distibuting the band's albums from now on. This deal also includes a brand new release scheduled to be out in the first half of 2020.