View Full Version : Problems with importing MIDI files.

Jul-15-2011, 02:05
I'm having problems importing some MIDI files into notation software; current cause of wailing and gnashing of teeth is trills/mordents in harpsichord scores. They get imported as notes of a chord.

If you look at the MIDI file the notes overlap e.g. if the trill is on D & E you get note on D, note on E, note off D, Note on D, Note off E etc so the notation software shows it as a sequence of D&E chords of 1/32 or 1/64 notes, when the notation software plays it back or saves it after editing it plays (or prints) as a rapid series of discords - not nice!!

If anybody knows of a way to import PDF files into Finale or other notation apps (without a $199 price tag for a PDF/Music XML converter) that would solve my problem.