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Prog Head
Jul-17-2011, 20:11
'Seven Wonders' was the first studio album from the Swedish outfit WONDERLAND. It flows from fascinating AOR style to expansive progressive pieces, with musicianship to match. Their material is instrumentally exploratory but there're melodies within all tracks that, with repeated listening, become memorable.


Opener 'Hold My Soul' is very expressive song, with upbeat, feel good mood. It serves like a perfect introduction to what we can find on the rest of this album. It also introduces the stunning interplay between keyboardist Bo Karlsson and guitarist Per Andersson. The rhythm section (Joakim Janson - drums, Joakim Lundberg – bass) sounds tight and crisp. Lead singer Klas Ling has emotionally-charged, calm voice with a lot of reach. Very strong harmony vocals add texture to music… The second track ‘Can’t Get Too Much’ reminds me a deal of Billy Idol, with quirky riffing type. Alternating tempo features ‘In Too Deep’. The melodic hooks and power of 'Playing Your Game' (Blackmore-ish influence) and 'Afraid' are awesome. This stellar CD concludes with another mind blowing song in the shape of 'Devil and The Deep Blue Sea'. Everything has done smoothly and effortlessly!


Wonderland can be favourably compared to ACT and Kino. Although there are tendencies toward Survivor, Kansas, Rush, Toto, Enchant. And these Swedish gentlemen prove that they are a group capable of taking listeners to great heights.
Sound-bites from the CD ‘Seven Wonders’ are available from the band's MySpace page.



Prog Head
Jul-25-2011, 10:12
The coming months Wonderland will concentrate on re-recording their ‘Seven Wonders’ album. This fully re-mastered version of the CD should contain as well a new and previously unreleased material (four tracks).

Jul-25-2011, 18:58
Interesting sound. I shall certainly listen to more of their music


Prog Head
Jul-28-2011, 19:09
Work is in progress on new songs called: 'Abandon Ship', 'Rush of Possibilitys', 'In Anticipation' plus instrumental track (untitled yet).

Prog Head
Feb-17-2017, 09:55
At long last the eagerly awaited Wonderland album sees the light of day. Entitled ‘Seven Wonders And Four Little Miracles’, it’s a perfect offering to allow an insight into what the Swedish lads were doing in some recent years. The musical accents are superbly executed, thus giving each piece its own identity that’s catchy, dense and sensitive. The improvement in the production department is spectacular. The older songs have been remastered and remixed, whilst the CD also features four new compositions, including the stupendous 16-plus min. instrumental suite (a real godsend for fans of Camel). The quality of musicianship is excellent throughout, awash with emotive voice of singer Klas Ling. A lot of work went into this release and worth every bit of the effort which sounds rich and pronounced. :cool:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEYxSq_RURI (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEYxSq_RURI)

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Feb-21-2017, 08:06

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Feb-26-2017, 18:42
Another favorable article. This time - for those of you who can understand Swedish.. :)


Prog Head
Jul-04-2019, 15:41
Wonderland are working on material for their next album with a tentative title ‘Sons & Daughters’ due to be released in 2020. :guitar: