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Dec-02-2005, 09:33
The Rolling Stones Bigger Bang Tour
Houston Dec 1 2005
1 Start Me Up
2 It's Only Rock'n Roll
3 She's So Cold
4 Oh No Not You Again
5 Rain Fall Down
6 Dead Flowers
7 Bitch
8 Night Time Is The Right Time
--- Introductions
9 Slipping Away (Keith)
10 Infamy (Keith)
11 Miss You (to B-stage)
12 Rough Justice
13 Get Off Of My Cloud
14 Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
15 Sympathy For The Devil
16 Brown Sugar
17 Satisfaction
18 You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
19 Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

Well I must say the energy provided by the Stones has been their trademark for years. Those who have followed them were not disappointed in the least. From the very start they came out with a Bang and ended with a Bigger Bang in going full volume with Satisfaction.
They did not convert me into a fan as I thought they would. I was very excited to be behind the scenes this night in great antipation of a great show. The opening act " Los Lonely Boys " was cancelled due to illness. Meanwhile they had brought on a silly guy on stage talking absolute crap. I mean real crap. He was simply annoying the crowd with four-lettered words and other stupid talk until he was booed off the stage. The Stones may have a back-up plan for bomb-threats but they have obviously no plans for a missing warm-up. At least get rid of the guy you gave us tonight.
With the doors open at 6 pm, no Stones until 9:15, the crowd got rowdy drunk as you would have expected at a Stones Concert due to the long time they all spent at the bars.
The band, I wont say was tight, but they were Stones vintage sloppy. The venue sounded good, but the boys were just too sloppy for me to really enjoy it. The Stones are the quintessential Bad Boys of Rock. In response to the debate Stones or Beatles all time greatest band, you can not compare them as someone so aptly stated, "Apples and Oranges", more like "Good and Evil". The Stones Angry and Mad at the world, The Beatles intelligent and addicted to love.
The highlight of the night were the drug sniffing dogs that were present on the premises in hopes of catching Keith's Mule carrying his medicine. He's never been shy about admitting his Heroin addiction. 2 arrests were made of women who would not listen to security and tried to get onto the floor backstage. Typical Stones show by all standards they have set for themselves.
Being my 2nd attempt at reviewing the shows I have seen I am beginning to understand the difficulty of seperating your own personal feelings in viewing the subject from a neutral position. A hardcore Stones fan reading this from me would only have beaten me beyond recognition, strung me up lashed to a pole in the middle of a bad neighborhood.
Next up Trans Siberian Orchestra..I hope I can do a better job or I may have to consider an early retirement.
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