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Dec-17-2005, 04:25
Pantha and I are putting free cd-length 22.1 stereo mp3 downloads of some of our cds on our Myspace page. We do experimental music. You guys have seen most of the tracks before. Here's "Pantha and Newbie Brad" and "Sherbet":

"Pantha and Newbie Brad"--Pantha and Newbie Brad. Features "Jesus' Kids", "Takee Outee", "Super Locrian: Return Of The Enigmatic Bunny", "Nashville Glass", "Becky's Slumbers", "Sorry That Last One Was Mine", and "Appendix (Variation On God Save The King)". Electronic wind instrument, fretless electric guitar and software. Total 32 min 3 sec. free download cd-length 22.1 mp3 (http://ia300026.us.archive.org/2/items/Holiday2/PanthaAndNewbieBrad.mp3)

"Sherbet"--Newbie Brad. Features "Mollusk", "Salaam Antarctica", "Fakir, Why", "Apollo, Daphne, and Eros' Sour Revenge", "Pengy", "Kitchen Hates Your Band", "Who You Run With", "Sharrocat" and "Domingo". Fretless electric guitar and software. Total 49 min 31 sec. free download cd-length stereo mp3 (http://ia300026.us.archive.org/2/items/Holiday2/Sherbet.mp3)

3 Pups Music
Jan-02-2006, 21:54
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