View Full Version : New Robert Plant Album

Dec-22-2005, 06:32
I checked out his 2005 CD, titled Mighty Rearranger, from my local public library,after reading about it in a music newsgroup. I've been a fan of Plant ever since he struck out on his own after Led Zepplin. In a way, he’s a pop singer, but he crafts some very pleasing backup guitar music. He's kept the LZ sound alive, IMO.

This Mighty Rearranger has at least 4 tracks on it that rise to the level of Plant's best. I'm esp pleased to see him incorporate some very modern guitar licks, e.g., looping and tracks played backwards. He's willing to include long hypnotic instrumental passages and the international influences are clear, e.g., a Morrocan Tar drum. The sum of those new things seems vaguely familiar to me. In any event, I recommend this CD for anyone who likes Robert Plant's music. Check your local library and see what you think. - CW


Dec-22-2005, 12:53
Yeah, Led Zepplin was an awesome band, I am a big fan of their song Stairway to Heaven, as it has the most awesome lead section as well as just the general style that is created.

I haven't heard of the new CD but I will look out for it, I just saw the name "Robert Plant" and I recognised it, from the band, anyhow, I shll look out for it.