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Prog Head
Sep-11-2011, 18:57
MR. HUNTER is a new young band that dares to experiment both in sounds and arrangements, yet always melodic. Their debut EP ‘The Awakening’ covers a varied assortment of styles (prog rock, jazz and alternative music). What results is something that’s unfolds into a pretty original, accessible listening experience. All songs are less "rock" and more acoustic, with a pleasant Yes feel (due to Steve How-sounding guitar from the band’s leader Chris Marcus). Three other guys are Dave Lowenthal (bass), Jason Yaeger (keyboards), Rossen Nedelchev (drums). Well-arranged instrumentals support Kara A.Napolitano's female singing throughout.

They are working on a full-length album. I am really looking forward to it. ;)

Prog Head
Apr-01-2012, 09:19
Mr. Hunter finally delivers the full-length album ‘The First Chapter’. Some songs were present on previous release (‘The Awakening’ EP) but have been re-recorded in a professional way and now naturally sound more impressive. The new compositions fit perfectly and are of good quality. A lot of influences from prog, swing, country, blues, rock and jazz can clearly be noticed. This is a contemporary album with a fresh and unusual feel. Only time will tell if Mr. Hunter will become a part of the major league in subgenre but this surely is a big step.

Prog Head
Apr-01-2012, 19:21
Btw. The band actually recorded some more material this past summer. So let's hope to listen to anything quite special in not too distant future time.



Prog Head
Apr-02-2012, 08:16
Music Street Journal review.


CDBaby link.