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Dec-06-2011, 03:30
My poor old TV is on the blink and I am seeking thoughts on which type would be a good choice. I am not interested in 3D but a USB or a wireless connection to the www is in the mix also my old one is LCD would LED or Plasma be any better I understand LED give a very clear picture, size would be 42 inch plus.
Any thoughts?

Dec-06-2011, 10:55
Which Magazine rates Samsung very highly. I have an a 22 inch Samsung LED and it has more connections on the back than I could possibly use. I have been advised that if you are going to 42 inches then plasma is probably the best bet.


Dec-06-2011, 13:37
I would recommend LG as first choice or Panasonic second. Whichever you get however consider getting some good external speakers, most flat screen TVs have abysmal sound, older TVs with tubes at least had a reasonable size cabinet giving slightly better acoustics.

It's not necessary to go to the lengths of multi speaker "surround sound/home cinema" installations unless you enjoy that sort of assault on the ears, good stereo is adequate for normal people, surround sound is just a ploy by speaker manufacturers to sell more speakers, complete overkill in my view.

If you listen to music in a concert hall, it comes from in front of you (unless you're performing) so surround sound is not natural for music in my opinion. It maybe OK if you enjoy big action movies but not for music or "theatre"" type productions, not a lot of point in it either for news or most documentaries.

Dec-06-2011, 20:47
One more advantage of Samsung is their superior speaker system. They have overcome the normal problems associated with the slimline speakers found in most flat screen televisions. You can really hear the diference


Dec-06-2011, 21:56
Thanks, I was going Samsung or Panasonic but will have a look @ LG and I have ext speakers and stands but as I listen to music 99%of the time through my HiFi I may get rid of them,
I was not aware that plasma was recommended over LED for sizes above 42 I will have to look into that, much appreciated, Colin
PS, Sony not in the running??

Dec-06-2011, 22:15
Sony = premium for the name, good kit but overpriced IMHO

Dec-06-2011, 22:34
Just found this what do you think Plasma or LED????

Got to go and get a W.O.F for the Car catch up later..