View Full Version : Article in Scientific American

Jan-12-2006, 22:00
Does anyone have a copy of this article from Scientific American Magazine ?
“The Physics of Organ Pipes”, by N. H. Fletcher, Scientific American, January 1983, p 94.
Thanks !

Thomas Dressler
Jan-13-2006, 04:19
I don't, but it looks interesting!

Mar-19-2007, 09:45
I did! But I'm damned if I know where it is. A family friend photocopied them for me back then when I'd started learning. I had them for ages but I wouldn't know where to look for them now. Might have been ditched in one of my numerous moves. I do remember it was a good article. Now you've got me thinking, I may go digging in some old, worn boxes with yellowing papers in them :)