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Jan-14-2006, 18:10
hi, who would you say is the best pipe organist in the last 100 years, in particular recordings of bach?

Jan-14-2006, 20:10
Well, there are so many fine organists out there...

Even when restricted to playing Bach, there are still several names. My favourites are Michel Chapuis, Bernard Foccroulle, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Ton Koopman and Gerhard Weinberger (in no particular order). And this should be viewed as just that: my favourites - not "the" best.

I must say that I have a soft spot for Édouard Commette, a French organist who recorded some Bach LP's in the 1950s and -60s. He plays in the "old romantic" way - mostly legato, very little rubato. But somehow, I still perceive his playing as breathing, living music.

Jan-14-2006, 21:03
Hi odellshaun,

Welcome to MIMF. Helmut Walcha recorded all of Bach's organ works - a real Tour-de-Force, and he was probably one of the best interpreters of Bach out there.


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Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 19:43
My favorite Bach players include Bernard Lagace, old recordings of Andre Marchal, Michael Schneider, and (from a non-detached point of view since she was my teacher) some recordings of Joan Lippincott.

Non of these organists are ones I agree with entirely, and some of them play very differently than I do, but I like their playing for one reason or another--mostly because I like the musical approach.