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Thomas Dressler
Jan-15-2006, 06:40
Hi--just wanted to say to you all that there are some interesting threads going at the moment--exactly the type I like to write about. However, for a couple days I was swamped with finishing some arranging and writing some short pieces, so I just followed your conversations. Today I was in a very scary car accident, thankfully not hurt (and not at fault) so I'm quite shaken at the moment and while I have the time right now, it's hard to sit and concentrate. Once I'm back to being myself, I think I'll have some things to add to these interesting conversations!


Jan-15-2006, 10:57
And accident, thats not good, so you are alright then???
Sorry to hear that. An accident meaning a car accident?

Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 18:05
Yes, it was a car accident. Not hurt physically, just shocked from the experience, but I think I'm getting back to normal now.

Jan-19-2006, 18:54

Glad to hear you're alright - an accident does leave one quite shook-up. I remember traveling to a concert - a sheet of ice on the road then sent my friends and I into an ditch. I was eighteen at the time but was not driving - scary experience - no one was hurt though.


Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 18:58

Thanks for your concern. . .yes it was scary and maybe at 43 you feel your mortality more strongly. It is a miracle that I wasn't hurt (or worse) and also that I can drive the car! I'm trying not to dwell on what could have happened.


Jan-19-2006, 19:13
Do you live in the Poconos? Just curious...Having stayed many a time at Buck Hill Falls Resort and driven on some of the treacherous smaller roads in the Poconos I can envision a place where there is a precipitous drop.......

Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 19:39
I do live in the Poconos, but I was driving over in New Jersey. This happened on a major highway with three lanes in each direction, and a LOT of traffic driving fast in the rain. I was hit from the side and sent spinning across the lanes into the guard rail.