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Dec-29-2011, 02:38
Has anybody had any experience with scanning sheet music, I'd like to scan to MIDI or MusicXML formats that I can feed into Finalé.

Dec-29-2011, 06:15
I thought either Finalé or Sibelius had a way to scan and create a score from it ... :confused: ... or maybe it was something else similar.

From my own experiences, I know that the NWC application can take MIDI and create a musical score from it. But one has to start with a MID file first.

Dec-29-2011, 12:28
Finalé do an offer on smartscore, but even $199 is a bit more than I want to pay. Finalé does read Midi files, so a scan to Midi would be ideal, I've found some demo downloads so I'll give them a try today, see how/if they cope, Thee is one with a scan to midi only version for $49 which looks as though it would cope with what I want, but how accurate it is remains to be seen.

Dec-29-2011, 17:18
Is that the one from Musitek? I looked at that one awhile back too ... says you can't print, but then one wouldn't need to as you already have the score.

Wish they had a trial version.

Dec-29-2011, 23:03
Yep, Musitek, I've taken the plunge and bought the "midi" version after a quick try with the trial version. It will make Midi files, which I can feed GO with, Finale will import both Midi and MusicXML.

Considering the original looks like a handwritten original from 1740 ish it's not too bad. I did start by enhancing the original in a photo editing app, improved contrast and brightness, converted to B/W and wiped out as many obvious marks as possible; I also removed the accidentals and the numbers for the figured bass; the # in particular were dire. (for a sample page see my PDF to midi thread) All in all I think it's probably taken me about 4 hours to do 26 measures of 2 staves, and that includes the learning curve!

I will next import to Finalé and work out the figured bass reading from the print or the PDF, so far I have the first movement done "by hand", and half the Allegro Midi-ed, hope to get the rest of the Allegro done this evening, that will just leaave the minuet. May have it finished by next year (still got 2 days of this one!)

I'll try both midi and XML imports just in case there's a difference.

Afterthought; one could almost manage without Finale by using the edit function in SmartScore except that it is slow and not that intuitive at first. Not so bad from a decent print or PDF file but I wouldn't like to do the figured bass work with it.

Now that I know what sort of "enhancements" to make to dodgy originals I'll probably be able top cut that down an hour or more. On a decent printed page probably much less than that. For $49/£32.85 it's probably worth it if you do a fair bit and don't need all the bells and whistles of the dearer versions. (More staves/parts etc)

Dec-30-2011, 03:37
Great it worked out okay ... another success story and cheers for Musitek :cheers:

Dec-31-2011, 01:10
Previous reort not 100% accurate, the Midi edition does not export MusicXML. only imports it; however as it exports Midi fikles I can import those to Finalé.

Although the file menu on Smartscore includes the save as XML option in the Midi version it does nothing, nor does the auto link-up with Finalé.

You have to plough through a massive PDF manual to find exactly what does and does not work in your version! Many of the options appear in the menus yet are not implemented in various versions.

It would appear from reading the PDF that I could have made further improvements at the image edit stage to improve recognition further.

One item that gave me a few minutes head scratching was that it had not recognised a tenor clef, so a few bars sounded somewhat strange!

Oct-17-2012, 22:03
Since the WIMA and IMSLP merger, it would appear that the WIMA Midi sound samples have vanished, so I can no longer import them to Finalé, however googling found Audiveris which will accept PDF scores and generate MusicXML files which Finalé will import.

Free download http://audiveris.kenai.com/

Handbook download http://audiveris.kenai.com/docs/manual/handbook.html

Downloaded and installed, gave it a quick test with BuxWV160 PDF appears to do what it says on the tin; further reports as and when I can do a more in depth test drive.

A few minor initial niggles, the app hides all sorts of things in Docs and settings, so to get Finale recognised as a plug in (so it automatically opens when you send it a file) you have to find the file dealing with the Plug ins and "unhide" the Finalé scripts. It also saves everything in Docs and settings unless you use "save as" everytime

First run through Finalé has thrown up a couple of errors, but otherwise loaded OK. (Think it was referring to a clef at some line number)

Oct-18-2012, 05:48
Hmmm, I'll have to take a look-see on the audiveris site ... :)

Oct-20-2012, 23:22
Audiveris so far not as accurate as I would like, the output when read into Finalé still needs considerable editing, and the Midi output is not recognised by Finalé nor Media player!

Oct-23-2012, 11:47
Further on Audiveris, I've just gone right through BuxWV160, Chaconne in E minor in Finale using the XML generated by Audiveris, the first page wasn't too bad, second needed a few more corrections, it deteriorated considerably from there on, I finished up entering the majority of the remaining passages by hand from a PDF file print out.

Oct-25-2012, 01:09
Audiveris has been consigned to the bin, it could not even manage the attached page, it could not even get the number of bars/measures correct, nor the title; so it looks like manual input.

Maybe somebody could play it and tell me if it's a waste of time (I have about 30+ pages of Gibbons PDFs from the same source!!

Jan-11-2016, 18:36
Resurrecting this, Smartscore Lite is included in Finalé and Finalé Print Music, I got an upgrade from Songwriter to Print Music fairly cheaply and found Smartscore Lite included, It does what I need, it will scan a printed score direct into Print Music, so now I can print out IMSLP PDF scores and scan them into Notation software. Still have to manually interpret and enter figure bass though, there have been a few attempts to write Figured bass realisation plug ins but none seem to have been fully up to the crunch.

However I have downloaded The John Stanley concertos and will attempt to assemble them into solo organ arrangements and see what they sound like on Grande Orgue.