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Jan-02-2012, 01:28
Is there such a thing as a free hosting site that allows you to upload a folder and also allow links to be posted in a forum, the ones I've found want individual files, which is a pain in the rear if you're dealing with sample sets.

I've waded through pages of google using different search terms, most of them expect you to sign up before you get a chance to find out what they allow or don't allow. Sure you can upload files for free, but can you link to them or are you just signing up for online back up; can you upload complete folders, or do you have to wear out your mouse button with endless clicks drilling down from "My Desktop" to D;\ etc\etc\ .... for each file, no click on the first and shift click the last.

Drop box is ideal for uploading, but can be a pain for those on the receiving end, unless they also have dropbox and can share.

I can't even send more than 10Mb as email attachments.

Jan-02-2012, 08:04
Hi Mike,

Give Box (http://box.com/pricing/) (dot) net a gander.

I've had an account with them for about 4 years - I pay an annual fee and have 25 GB at my disposal. Anyone can have a "free" account with 5 GB and uploads to 25 MB.

Any folder or file within a folder can be linked via email or if one wants to post an URL into this forum for a particular file, one can do that also.

Jan-02-2012, 13:47
Hi Lars, looks interesting, however the 25Mb file limit per month would't be enough fo a sample set folder at 46Mb (and that's a small 45 note one); bummer, would be OK for sharing photos but some music files can get quite big.

Jan-03-2012, 06:30
That limitation must be for the "free" one, though with my annual subscription, I have no monthly limitations.

I know about those huge music files ... a recorded concert I played was 151 MB.

Jan-03-2012, 13:04
Yes, the free version has limits, which seems to be almost universal. I can't even send it anywhere as an attachment to an email, my ISP has a 10Mb limit. I've uploaded it to my Dropbox, but I can only link to individual files in the Public folder there as far as I can make out.

I could easily send it over Skype, but that's only an option when the "target audience" all have Skype!

May-12-2012, 23:01
Hey Mike,

Something that could help you out is called Dropbox. My assistant uses it to help transfer files from me to him and vice versa.
Here's the link https://www.dropbox.com/

May-12-2012, 23:54
Yep, been using that for a few months now.

Jun-27-2013, 16:11
Hey guys,

I've been looking around as well. I tried Box initially but it's more for businesses. Just gave up on dropbox as they have deleted some of my files recently.
Currently with https://shared.com which is working well but open to hear what you guys are using.