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Jan-17-2006, 13:05
hi, i like bach, but who else has written music for the pipe organ, and is it available on cd, i am looking for some lighter stuff, bach can get a bit heavy.

Jan-17-2006, 15:12
Have you tried Handel Organ Concertos?

Jan-17-2006, 15:21
hi gareth, no, but i will certainly check him out, thankyou shaun.

Jan-17-2006, 18:17
Hi odellshaun,

What works by Bach have you listened to? Actually, some of his works are not heavy at all: try the six trio sonatas (BWV 525-530) or the concerti (BWV 592-596), which are on the lighter, more "danceful" side.

Another recommendation would be works by Lefébure-Wély, especially his "marches" and "sorties".

If you listen to these, don't hesitate to tell us what you think - even (and especially) if you don't like them. There is a huge amount of literature for organ, ranging from the 17th century to today, and I'm sure that we'll find something for you eventually!

Jan-18-2006, 12:14
hi thankyou for your reply, i have toccata and fugue in d minor which i think is fantastic, the organist is peter hurford, i will check out the ones you have recommended, thankyou shaun.

Jan-19-2006, 05:19
Look into the music of Tournemire as performed by Georges DelVallee - He is both a pianist and organist - an excellent exegete of Tournemire.

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Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 18:13
Hi--it's true that Bach wrote a lot of lighter, less heavy sounding pieces. Even some of the Preludes and Fugues, like those in G major and C major, are kind of light. Besides the composers mentioned by Giovanni and Acc, some of the more famous composers for organ include Widor (who wrote Symphonies for the organ--some movements are light, others are not), Franck (again, some of his pieces are lighter than others--the Prelude, Fugue and Variation; the Finale; the Pastorale; and the Piece Heroique are some lighter ones), Mendelssohn, and Buxtehude (he was one of Bach's models, and many of his pieces are quite lively.) There are lots of others, but these are just a few of the more famous ones.

Jan-19-2006, 18:47

I have been negligent in not sharing with MIMF that Bach's favorite pupil, Johann Ludwig Krebs wrote a corpus of music that is very satisfying and never tedious. I would like to recommend a recording entitled *ClavierUebung & complete Works for Organ and Instrument obbligato on the MDG Label #614 0971-2. The instruments portrayed are flute, oboe, trumpet and horn. This might definitely be something for you, Tom. :-)

Thomas Dressler
Jan-19-2006, 19:00

Actually, with all my interest in Bach and now his sons, I have not pursued Krebs' music, but what I've heard I've liked! Thanks, I'll have to see if I can get this one!

Jan-19-2006, 19:07
A facetious quip has been circulating in German musical circles: *Einzigen Krebs In Bache*. https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif (Lone crayfish in the river Bach)

Jan-19-2006, 22:42
Delvallée has indeed done much to prevent Tournemire's work to fade into oblivion. But there is also a younger organist who plays his works beautifully: Tjeerd van der Ploeg. Most of his recordings are done on the magnificient four-manual Mutin organ at the Collégiale St-Pierre in Douai (Northern France).

But then, as much as I love Tournemire's music, I'm not sure about suggesting it to someone who's looking for some "lighter" stuff.

Jan-19-2006, 23:05

You might have a point there, sir. Shouldn't music provoke introspection and reflection on the deeper things in life instead of only being a, for some, narcotic to forget life's worldly cares?

With all the joyous music that Mozart wrote he was also keenly aware of things that are above and beyond one's control and subsequently he knew that unbalanced musical fare - only joyous music with a beat - was ultimately self-defeating since no one lives in Utopia.


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