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Jan-28-2012, 07:55
PYMLICO is the new project from Norway, and ‘Influences’ being their first fruit. The ‘chairman’ Arild Brøter has written music and plays guitar, percussion, keyboards, grand piano, rhodes, mellotron, minimoog. Additionally, he involved a plethora of friends… ;)

Right from the start it’s obvious that Arild is a very accomplished composer and arranger. This totally instrumental album sounds clean and polished. It won’t take many listens to appreciate the intelligent style by refers to classic progressive rock like Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Focus and modern group TFK to mention. All compositions have interesting layers, complex passages and deep structure. The content is of a high quality and well produced. Great piece of work is really accessible with lots of atmosphere. :cool:

http://www.pymlico.no (http://www.pymlico.no)

Pymlico should be warmly welcomed by the Sympho-Prog scene. Why? Because the feel of ‘Influences’ is a tribute to the legendary era. Hopefully, Arild Brøter has enough of new material written for the next release. I for one will certainly be taking an interest in hearing how Pymlico have developed.

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Apr-09-2012, 14:46
A link to Background's review.


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Nov-20-2012, 05:47
The second Pymlico CD 'Directions' should be available at iTunes, CD-baby, Amazon and Spotify at December, 3rd. Here is a teaser for upcoming album. Enjoy.


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Jan-18-2013, 12:35
Arild Broter again succeeds in producing an excellent sympho-progressive album, which shows a remarkable stuff. Although instrumental offering, ‘Directions’ have enough variation between its six pieces to hold the listener’s attention. There are multiple time changes while the music varies from the mellow passages to impressive riffing, allowing the individual tracks to create their own emotions and character. Every spin can add gentle nuances, particularly from the keyboards that ebb and flow or strong percussion mantle. Subtlety is the name of such game! Since Arild Broter has a deep love for progressive rock of the Golden 70's era (Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Camel, ELP, UK etc...), influences are heavily stamped over ‘Directions’. This release is dedicated to musical legends…

PYMLICO is primarily a solo project, but several guests display their melodic interactions. The production is clear to allow all contributions to be heard. For further information, check out the new official website.


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Jan-20-2013, 17:51
A link to new Background review.


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Feb-06-2013, 10:38
One more article.


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Mar-01-2013, 11:25

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Mar-01-2013, 11:28
Pymlico have been invited to play at Artrock i Stadsträdgården in Linköping, Sweden in month of July, 2013. :cool:

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Mar-08-2013, 15:39
Another article.


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Jun-17-2013, 07:23
A link to Sea Of Tranquility review. 4,5 out of 5.


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Aug-19-2014, 09:53
Pymlico's new album is to be released in September (15th). It contains seven tracks with a total length of 51 minutes. And I am absolutely sure that 'Guiding Light' will be adored by many fans of instrumental sympho-prog music. :cool:


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Oct-12-2014, 11:23
A link to DPRP review.


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Oct-25-2014, 13:09
Pymlico now bring their most mature work to date, entitled ‘Guiding Light’. From the opener ‘A Day Out' until the farewell passages of seventh track 'Neptune' the musical content sounds like entrancing alchemy with lots of room to maneuver, plenty of scope to explore a level of diversity, nice melodies in abundance. It draws the listener into journey of emotion and thought. Being a very good composer, arranger, drummer, keyboardist, guitar player, Arild Brøter still remains loyal to his source of inspiration: the halcyon days of the Golden era. In terms of construction, CD ‘Guiding Light’ has relation to Alan Parsons Project as well as apparent vibes of Genesis, interrupted by Arabic motifs and jazzy elements. All accents are superbly executed. The use of distinctive credentials, subtle nuances and variety should satisfy prog aficionados. So…if vocals aren’t a prerequisite, then this excellent album is for you. :cool:

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May-18-2015, 07:59

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Jun-24-2016, 09:13
Pymlico have a new studio release on the way for October of 2016.


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Dec-02-2016, 14:44
Pymlico have a new studio release on the way for October of 2016.

Just take a listen.


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Apr-02-2017, 10:09
SOT article.


Apr-02-2017, 21:11
Sounds rather good.

Interesting that they are a purely instrumental band. I listened to some of those tracks and could not help thinking that the music, good though it is, would be enhanced if there was some actual singing.

Then again, I've heard plenty of music that was marred, even ruined, by bad vocals, or the wrong kind of vocals, so maybe they know what they are doing.

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Jan-18-2018, 10:28
Pymlico are currently writing new material for another studio album which should be released in October 2018.

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Jun-15-2018, 16:26
Pymlico have announced a new album. Their CD 'Nightscape' will be released on October 5th 2018.

Track-listing is as follows:

1. Wide Awake
2. Gabagool
3. Tofana 10 AM
4. Room With A View
5. Ghost Notes
6. Road Movie
7. Silver Arrow.


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Feb-13-2020, 14:18
The band started to work on their next album.

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Jun-19-2020, 12:49
The brand new studio album titled 'On This Day' will be releasing by Apollon Records in early October, 2020.


Tracklist is as follows:

1. Heliotrope (04:36)
2. Time-turner (04:58)
3. Survival Guide (06:12)
4. Real People (06:34)
5. Partners In Crime (05:20)
6. Jump Start (04:48)
7. Sidemen Inc. (05:27)
8. Solex Agitator (06:59).