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Jan-27-2006, 10:48
We are very pleased to present a benefit recording by Dr. Lucius Weathersby Professor for Music at Amherst College and Dillard University from New Orleans to you.

Since a while in time there has always been the thought of producing a CD with the well known US Composer Dr. Weathersby. Now the sad tragedy of Hurrican Katrina initiated this benefit project. The benefit will go to church musicians of the Gulf Coast Region - at the benefit recording website we will give detailed information about the projects that will be supported by the benefit.

Benefit Recording (http://www.organ-builders.com/hurricane_benefit_cd_pipe_organ.htm) (english)
Benefiz CD (http://www.hey-orgelbau.com/Aktuell-Seiten/benefiz_cd_new_orleans.htm) (deutsch)

I want to thank Mr. Dressler and Mr. Magle for allowing this post.

Hey Orgelbau ::: Organ Builders (http://www.hey-orgelbau.com)

Nicholas Russotto
Apr-04-2006, 00:09
Hello, All:

I regret to inform you all that the artist featured on the Hey Orgelbau CD, Dr. Lucius Weathersby has passed away as of March 16, 2006. He will be sorely missed.


Nicholas Russotto