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Feb-02-2006, 14:42
Who is a fan of this great man ?

His music has been inspirational, often parodied and many times ripped off everywhere. Some people may describe his western music a little cheesy due to this. But there is no doubting how beautiful his work truely is.

So what is everybody's favourite work by him ?

If I was to pick out one piece, it will have to be A Fistful of Dollar Suite. The last track on the OST CD. It sums up all the main themes used in the movie, but isnt just a mish mash, it works very well on the whole. Theres one particular phrase that just sends shivers down me, its used through the entire piece but the great thing is, each its different.

Special mention must go to The Mission soundtrack, its just so beautiful.

I am saddened by the fact I didnt see him last time he was on his world tour. Due to the simple fact no one my ages seems to share my interest in this type of music, or better to say no one I know personally anyway. That should not stop me next time ! It one of my biggest regrets.

Frederik Magle
Feb-02-2006, 16:36
I have great respect for Ennio Morricone. He has an extraordinary gift for composing memorable themes for films. It's really a shame that he has never received an Oscar! (especially when considering some of the lesser composers/scores that have been awarded oscars through the times)

It's always a little hard for me to name one favorite, but I agree the "Mission" soundtrack is excellent and has moments of greatness on all levels.

"Peur Sur La Ville" also has a fantastic main theme by Morricone!

Ennio Morricone has a very distinct and original style, whether one likes it or not, and the themes are often highly memorable which speaks for quality.

Feb-07-2006, 12:38
Yes very true about the oscar !

Also another crime by the Academy is never giving Bernard Herrmann an oscar either !