View Full Version : Any Marillion fans ?

Feb-02-2006, 14:51
Ive only just discovered them actually.

Although Marbles have been out for a while, I got for christmas last month and I was quite simply blown away. Probably one of the best albums Ive heard in the last 5 years ! and thats not joking.

Im wondering where I should go from here. I was recommended Brave but I found it very hard to get into and sounded a little 'dated'. Perhaps I should check out the album which came out before Marbles.

Jul-07-2006, 17:35
If you really want to check them out, you have to check the records with their original singer, Fish. That's the real Marillion, if you ask me. My two fav albums from that period is Script from a jesters tear and Misplaced Childhood, but everything with Fish is worth buying, and that includes his solo-albums too!

Jul-07-2006, 21:56
Mmmmh, I'm afraid that if Underscore loves Marbles, and found Brave difficult, he will find the Fish period *very* different from what he expects (though I love the Fish period). Maybe you could try Anoraknophobia ... It's more in the same vein as Marbles.

But you should also insist with Brave, which is one of the best Marillion albums. Then, you can try Seasons End. More "poppish" and less dark than Brave... but still very progressive.


Nov-24-2006, 21:59
Try Misplaced Childhood. Their best.

Art Rock
Dec-11-2006, 22:10
Like vynceleff said, if you love Marbles (with Brace the highlight in the Hogart-period), you might not appreciate the first four studio albums with Fish as lead singer (I personally find those far superior). Try Misplaced childhood as Drake suggests or Script for a jesters tear, their debut and in my opnion their best.

Feb-09-2007, 10:54
The lyrics written by Fish were great and so were his vocals, which is why he was successful even when he branched out on his own. Those albums with Fish were definitely great but I think Holidays in Eden and Marbels are good too. I feel Steve Hogarth is good too.

Feb-10-2007, 23:41
Wow this is fantastic to hear you guys talking about the old Marillion I used to love. I never really followed them after Fish left. To me they never really seemed the same. In the 80's they really were a band to be reckoned with and everyone used to own at least one of their singles if not an album as was there popularity.
They certainly deserve their place amongst the greatest prog rock bands of their time.

Apr-02-2007, 05:55
hey, I think you should listen to all their stuff. it's definitely a band worth spending some time with. especially MISPLACED CHILDHOOD and BRAVE. fugazi is pretty good too


Andrew Roussak
Apr-08-2007, 14:40
Hi people, I guess one can regard MARILLION as two different bands - one with Fish and the other with Steve Hogarth. Which one is better is a matter of taste. I like Hogarth's vocals better as that of Fish, and my favourite album is a SEASON'S END. Well, it sounds sometimes a bit more poppish as in Fish- period, but in some way more professional for my taste. BRAVE is also good - a keyboard player was given "the best note" for his Hammond -solo in a ... (don't remember the name of the track - CD-review in a Keyboard -Magazine , end of the 90th).

Apr-11-2007, 20:42
Marillion was one of those bands which were around in my teens/ early twenties and were very popular but known generally for only a few songs. Incommunicardo I seem to remember was a big hit with us and I seem to remember that Fish was still around as lead vocals.
Definately worth listening to and every now and then a song will come on the radio which I instantly know is Marillion but can never remember the name of the song.

Jun-10-2007, 14:17
Another fan here. :tiphat:

Must say though, that I like both the phases almost equally (that is, the first with Fish on vocals and the second with Hogarth).

My top 5 favorite recordings are these:

- Misplaced Childhood (definitely their best)
- Clutching at Straws
- Seasons End
- Afraid of Sunlight
- Script for a Jester's Tear

Jun-25-2007, 10:32
Yeah, love the old Marillion featuring Fish. I'm old enough to have seen a bunch of their gigs in Sweden up until their last gig with Fish. I really would recommend "Misplaced Childhood" as a starting point. There's also a great live on video called " Live At Loreley" (or something like that). The band is really hot on this one.


Sep-13-2007, 07:45
I concur with those who say that Misplaced Childhood is Marillion's best album. "Kayleigh" is a must-have; when I listen to it, my heart is nearly overwhelmed by sweet and tearing emotions. :)

Sep-13-2007, 08:42
"Script" was the first album I bought of theirs. Up till that point I'd never heard of them. Thought that Fish leaving would be the end of them, but Having Steve Hogarth coming in gave them the chance to re-invent themselves.

I must admit Fish's era seems better to my ears, although having just got a couple of the later albums, the jury's out at present.

Nov-27-2007, 16:01
I would agree with Script being the very best Marillion had to offer, then Misplaced Childhood and Fugazi, of the Fish era. For Hogarth fans, I would pick Season's end, Marillion.com. Brave and Marbles. I have to say unf that I just can't get into the new one, Somewhere else, which is a terrible shame, as it's the ONLY Marillion album I haven't loved.
Fish stuff is fantastic too, with his best imo being Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors (his debut), then Raingods with Zippos and Field of Crows. Didn't like Suits. Sunsets on Empire was great, but had a few weak tracks on it.