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Feb-02-2006, 19:17
Hi everybody, long time no post!
And also long time and no music. For some reason i lacked inspiration for a long period of time. I believe it has to do with winter. My most creative season is during summer and fall.
Anyways, i have been experimenting with new sounds and atmospheres. This is what i've come up with so far, feel free - nay - feel enforced to comment.

(Actually im not forcing you)
Improvise_part1_01.mp3 (http://www.freds3d.com/wip/Improvise_part1_01.mp3)

Fooling_about_01-02.mp3 (http://www.freds3d.com/wip/Fooling_about_01-02.mp3)


Feb-03-2006, 19:25

Feb-10-2006, 13:27
Hey, that's pretty good Frederik :]

I'm listening to Amon Tobin, your track comes up and it fit's in pretty well. It starts pretty light and ambient and goes industrial and dark at the end, I like it.

If I had the ability to make changes to that track I would make it more "heavy" and less floaty. I don't know how, maybe more explicit bass or something.

Keep it up and post updates.

Feb-10-2006, 18:23
Thats really impressive Frederik !

Just want to ask what kind of equipment do you use ?

Is it all computer based ?

I want to get into computer composing, its probably easier to getting musical ideas down this way instead of recording live instruments.

Feb-10-2006, 19:49
Hey Thanks guys.
Prokop: I recently heard Amon Tobin, good stuff i must say. Thanks for your comments, i think you are right with the heaviness. I'll see what i can figure out next time i open this project https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Underscore: Thanks, the equipment i use is a computer (duh, heh) and what i have additionally apart from that is Cubase and East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold samplings. These are VST instruments so you just have to install it and start using it as long as you are using a sequencer that supports VST Instruments.
But you can also use the sampler Kontakt 2 to open the libraries with.
I also have a Midi Keyboard and an apropriate soundcard for music-making.
The soundcard i use was one of the cheapest but its good enough for me.

Keep in mind that using Samplings is usually very heavy on computer power, I recommend that you get a big chunk of RAM if you want to get into it. I use 2048 MB of ram. And ofcourse a good soundcard will practically remove any delays.

Feb-10-2006, 23:20
Thanks Frederik.

The East West samples look very expensive. Ive been recommended Garritan Persoanl Orchestra as a cheap alternative but I have no idea what the quality is like.

Feb-11-2006, 04:57
Pretty nice though!

I would say the best sound sample I experimented are the "Vienna Collection" (over 75Gb) most instruments are covered like strings, winds and brass (it is in GIGA form so it will only open in Kontakt2). I got Galaxy Steinway for the Piano and I also have EW/QLSO but the Platinium version. I also have EW/QL Choir but I prefer a library named "Voices of the Apocalypse". However like Frederik said, get a lot of RAM (I have 4096Mb DDR2). But it is pretty important to also have a good soundcard. I had a Creative EMU but I switched to the TASCAM FW-1884 which is the best soundcard I used.. But the Creative card was neat so I recommand it.

What you need is:
good sounds/samples
a good computer
a good soundcard
a good editing program (e.g: Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar)

Feb-11-2006, 05:27
Hi Frederik:
Really nice sounds flowing through these. I admire your ability with the technical side of this as well as your ear for musical moods. I hope to some day get my PC able to do some songs I have picked out on the piano so I can post them.
If you find yourself up for some melodic experimentation try playing through triads starting at A and moving up and down the white keys. Triad at A = A, C, E. Triad at G = G, B, D, and so on, only playing the white keys. Just keep going. Then bounce around with the triads randomly. Given the quality of your ear, I think you may find more melodic space to explore. Then try shifting up several octaves and "hear" what happens.
Here is another idea. Do the same thing as above but shift the middle key down one (seconds) like A = A, B, E , etc.
Finally, don't discount the cloudy days altogether... some real soulfulness to engage there.
Above all please keep sharing. Your pieces are quite a treat. https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/up.gif

Feb-14-2006, 22:56
75b samples

4gb RAM

Yikes ! Sounds like one hell of an investment. I guess its worth it in the end and probably a lot easier than arranging an orchestra.

Mar-27-2006, 16:40
Nice work, Frederik. I didn't care for Improvise much, but I really like Fooling About. This is a new direction for you, isnt it? Keep developing it into a longer piece with appropriate structure (intro, theme, denoument). - CW