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Feb-03-2006, 14:13
The word "fusion" as a label for a musical genre is so widely open that it often arises controversy. Some people like to think fusion describes only the Jazz/Rock fusion ( https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif) movement, but I personally take a much more liberal approach to that.

For example some of the most fascinating music today is made in the Jazz/World music sphere, here is an example of one such project (which I of course wholeheartedly recommend):


What a fantastic album! Michel Sajrawy is an Arab Christian, born in Nazareth. In 1995 he moved to London and devoted himself entirely to music. He is deeply rooted in the Middle Eastern music but expanded his musical horizons to include jazz and contemporary classical music. He is regarded as an extremely gifted guitarist, composer and arranger. This is his debut album, for which he composed all the music. It is breathtakingly beautiful, a fusion of Middle East and West, with delicate and masterly guitar work by the leader and excellent support by his band and guest musicians. Imagine McLaughlin`s Shakti, but swap Indian music for Middle Eastern music. The people on the album include Muslims, Christians and Jews - a true amalgam of influences, religions and a beautiful proof of music transcendenting cultural and even political differences. Superb!

If you know of any other examples of fusion which are "far out" like this one - please let me know.

Rodolfo Cucculelli
Feb-07-2006, 00:22
I invite you to listen "kam ma kam", "beyond the dunes", "flower of sorrow" from the CD "CITIES OF DREAMS": http://www.citiesofdreams.com/eng/band.htm
As guitarist of the ensemble "Terre Differenti"
Miguel Fernández: http://www.citiesofdreams.com/download/td/linux/terre-differenti-012.jpg
Miguel plays a very special flamenco guitar built by me: http://www.citiesofdreams.com/eng/instruments.htm#fretless
You can appreciate a very special guitar sound and exquisite interpretation of Miguel Fernández http://www.fernandezmiguel.com/eng/biography.html (flamenco and fretless guitar) and Fabio Armani

(piano, keyboards, samplers, bass sinthesizer, percussion and programming) in: "mystical duende",
"fuente nueva",
"gardens of babilon",
"water cirrus": http://www.fernandezmiguel.com/eng/audio.html
I hope you liked the music.
Any guestion about the guitar will be welcome.
Rodolfo Cucculelli, liutaio.

May-12-2006, 05:45
Adam.. sounds amazing!! Soundfiles anywhere?

May-15-2006, 09:47
I love Arabic music so I am going to have to check this one out, thank you so much for the suggestion and detailed information.

Does Michel Sajrawy have more than one album?

May-15-2006, 18:53
Me too! Arabic music is one of my very favorites!!!!!! My own playing is highly influenced by Arabic music and I have taken several lessons from Simon Shaheen. I will have to go back for more lessons but.. my schedule is packed till the end of the year--which is both 'good' and 'bad'!!

Anyway I will have to check out all those links and keep watching this thread!!!!!!!!!!


May-16-2006, 07:12
Can anyone recommend any other artists along this line?
This music is just amazing, Im left wanting more and more.

May-24-2006, 06:23
www.animusmusic.com (http://www.animusmusic.com)

These guys are incredible!!!

Jun-01-2006, 05:50
I would like to suggest a wonderful pianist Wajdi Cherif who plays a wonderful fusion of Arabic and Jazz Music. I'm sure that you'll be delighted listening to his compositions.
You can check out his website: http://www.wajdicherif.com or http:// www.jazzworldquest.com (http://www.jazzworldquest.com) where you can listen to some of his beautiful songs.
If somebody is in Paris don't miss his show on June 13.


Feb-06-2007, 10:56
Arabic music more specifically arabian pop music is more popular all over. It conjures up a very romantic mystic image with its music. It has classical form too which perhaps is less known. It is influenced a lot by spanish, turkish Indian and european music and in turn has influenced them too.

Aug-18-2007, 23:41
If anyone is interested in Middle East Fusion, please check out the music of Anouar Brahem. He is a Tunisian oud player and composer who has assimilated jazz and european influences. He has recorded for the ECM label since 1990.

His oud playing is masterful, carressing the listener from the deepest silences. I feel he is at his best when he is unaccompanied. Playing single note improvised melodic lines he is able to convey rhythmic urgency and harmonic movement without the support of other musicians. This to me signifies a rare talent.

His music has been a revelation to me and a deep influence in my own playing. I would recommend his album 'Conte de l'incroyable amour' as an example of his music at its purest. On many of the tracks he performs solo. On others there is sparse and exquisitely nuanced accompaniment on the clarinet and bendir [frame drum].

More recently he has produced music with a more explicit European sensibility in 'Le pas du chat noir' where he is accompanied by a pianist and accordionist and invokes shades of Satie. This has brought him more widespread recognition, although I prefer his earlier works.


Rodolfo Cucculelli
Nov-29-2009, 20:31
Hi Cyndee: in this google document you will find more Flamenco-World mp3 and flamenco guitar videos: http://docs.google.com/View?docID=dcvz2cdg_488sghtkfp&revision=_latest

I hope you like the music played (with the guitar i've built for) by my friend Miguel Fernández.
My best regards, Rodolfo Cucculelli, guitar maker.

Rodolfo Cucculelli
Dec-02-2009, 08:58
“Beyond the Dunes”. Song from "Cities of Dreams" album of Terre Differenti Ensemble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCRCe-5eHhE

“Cloud Forest” Song from "Cities of Dreams" cd, Terre Differenti Ensemble


Terre differenti: "Kam ma kam" - 3 maggio a Monreale

“Cloud Forest” Song from "Cities of Dreams" cd, Terre Differenti Ensemble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMiwqH14HAQ

Dec-02-2009, 17:11
Isn't taking about "fusion" in the Middle East something of an oxymoron? Most of those countries can't get along with each other, much less with the "infidels" in the rest of the world.

Dec-02-2009, 20:52
enjoyed the new sound for me.... kinda reminds me of some of " Yanni" style.