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Prog Head
Mar-17-2012, 09:05
The main focus of FUSONIC seems to be desire to sustain a mood throughout each piece which is achieved by use of flowing passages of music. The Dutch group is composed of Teo (Electric & Spanish guitar, bass, violins), Ronald Hoogwout (drums & percussion) and Harry Ickelsheimer (keyboards, Fender, Korg, guitars). The guest musician is Sjak Franssen (Minimoog). These guys generate the type of sounds closely associated with heyday of Camel, Focus, Pink Floyd (to name only a few). :cool: There’re 14 tracks on their first CD ‘Desert Dreams’ (2010). This is a modern sympho-prog instrumental album of high quality with nice melodies in abundance. So right there’s lots of room to maneuver in compositions, more than enough subtle shifts. Devoted fans of Andy Latimer or David Gilmour should find plenty to enjoy here. And if you fancy something in a candle flickering room (with a smooth glass of favourite tipple), then this is perfect.

For a debut release that’s produced on a limited budget, the quality of ‘Desert Dreams’ is superb. I think Fusonic have made a promising start. This album certainly represents very good value for money and can be ordered through the band’s website.