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Feb-27-2006, 06:53
My guitarist son John is working on a new album, to be named Sinister Dextera. Two of the recently completed tracks really stand out for me: SPQR Prequel and Garden Grove (EMI). So I posted them at his web site.
Please have a listen and let me know what you think.
-This "version" of SPQR illustrates what can happen when you mix virtuoso acoustic guitar with Ableton Live software. The result is definitely new wave jazz.
-Garden Grove is a cover of the Sublime song. Its gotten some favorable reviews from the cognoscenti of that style of So Cal music. It has lots of John's guitar work, but its not jazz.
Thanks - CW
www.johnwinters.biz/listen.htm (http://www.johnwinters.biz/listen.htm)

Mar-05-2006, 18:35
I like this very much. SPQR is my favourite. It is surely not the usual folk / unplugged acoustic guitar music. Very inovative. Garden Grove takes a bit long to get direction, but is also very listenable. Christos sounds a bit rough still. Nice playing all round.

Mar-26-2006, 18:58
Thanks for the compliments, Sepheritoh, I passed them on to John. There are now two versions of SPQR posted at his web site. The first, which I call a prequel, was recorded and mixed in early December. The second was recorded and mixed Christmas Eve, same night as Christos. They are obviously related, but John claims it was unintentional. Perhaps he had these rhythms and melodies rattling around in his head and showing up unconsciously in two different recording sessions. John's myspace site has a new, unrelated piece called skitzo that demonstrates the amazing variety of his works, probably due to the fact that all the elemental guitar tracks are pure improvisation. He has very few set pieces and no two live performances of those are the same. Best Regards - CW