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Prog Head
Jul-08-2012, 11:11
Musically, ECLIPSE SOL-AIR are a bit difficult to describe with elements from many genres: art, sympho, celtic, pop, mainstream, pomp, hard-rock, latino, gothic, metal etc... :) Their debut album is the exploration of enigmatic alchemy which contains nine tracks, sung in a mixture of English, French, German and Croatian (!). All instrumental parts are perfectly arranged and orchestrated to develop the mood for each chapter of ‘Bartok’s Crisis’, upholding the emotive vocal interplay between Philippe Matic-Amauld des Lions (he plays lead guitar, grand piano, keyboards) and Mireille Vicogne (who adds folky atmosphere by flute). Eclipse Sol-Air also includes David Bucherl (drums & percussion), Fritz Hoffmeister (guitars), Benno Schultheiss (bass), Katharina Strobel (violin). Some guest musicians drench the album with passages of viola and saxophone layers… :cool:


Finding a niche on today’s musical scene is a challenge. In the case of Eclipse Sol-Air, it has been successfully accomplished. Clearly we're going to hear a lot about this new group in the future... :)