View Full Version : The Music Of Solo Pianist Paz Del Castillo Will Touch You Deeply

Oct-18-2012, 14:49
Every now and then you hear a musician you have never heard before, and you are overwhelmed by the talent, the sound and the recording, and how the music touches you somewhere deep inside. The pianist Paz del Castillo is that type of artist.

I hope you have the chance to listen to her artistry on the CD, ELEVEN DROPS, that was recently released. It is worth tracking down. At least find some online excerpts to stream and listen to, although, like most music, you really need to hear the entire pieces to get the full scope of her artistry.

Over the past decade she has become one of the most important and admired solo pianists in her home country, Spain, but she continues to broaden her appreciative audience internationally with each new CD release (this is her third).

To simplify what you get, she writes beautiful melodies, she plays with a confident style and verve, she somehow is able to infuse warmth and joy into her performance, and she has a strong left hand which adds much to her arrangements.

Piano lovers rejoice! There is something new worth checking out (her website is her full-name followed by dot com).

Oct-22-2012, 14:57
Any chance of posting a clip Lillian? It would be interesting to hear her palying